What is Capoeira Angola?

Capoeira Angola is an African-Brazilian art form with its roots in Bantu traditons, which were carried to Brazil by enslaved africans. The development of Capoeira into a "dance-fight" burgeoned in Brazil, out of the struggle for liberation by Africans, indigenous Brazilians and other marginalized peoples during the Portuguese colonization. Today, Capoeira Angola continues to be a social tool for resistance and empowerment, through the teaching of community building, social equality, and diaspora studies. The fundamental African traditions and philosophies contained within the teachings of Capoeira Angola, and even more specifically, within the roda, or circle, where Capoeira is played, can build self-esteem and self-awareness of both the mind and body. Through the dynamics of the roda, individuals can discover and maximize their potentials, using them to construct a foundation built upon patience, endurance and elegance.



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